World Unity Week – June 20 to 27.2020

   SFR is Deeply Honored to Support World UNITY Week!!!

World UNITY Week is an 8-day celebration beginning on Summer Solstice, June 20th. It is an online event that aims to cultivate Global Unity. Over this week we explore topics such as sustainable and regenerative development, collective climate action, partnerships for peace and interfaith harmony. This festival should be seen as a ‘birthing space’ to help raise consciousness, honor the Earth and Indigenous knowledge systems, support basic human rights, raise awareness for global movements that seek peace and harmony and foster other ideas that can help give form to the beautiful new future that we are collectively creating.


June 20th: Summer Solstice: 24 hr Global Indigenous Prayer.
SFR Offer:
Solstice Ceremony: 10pm – 12am/ Connect to our Ceremony. Solstice Apex is at 11.43pm. This moment is of great importance. TIP: Be in a heart space that is very resonant & pray for your life and that of Humanity Uniting and Rising!!!

June 21st —UN International Day of Yoga:
Join the International Yoga Movement and Move!

June 23rd — Main Stage// Sacred Feminine Webinar:
SFR Offer: DAY: TUES: 23rd. 1pm CET/12noon BST/7am EST/4am PST: 1 Hr Live!
Join the council of the Sacred Feminine with 8 empowered and loving women who stand up to share their vision and works with the Sacred Feminine.

June 23th — Feeling & Healing As Water:
SFR Offer:
DAY: TUES: 23rd. 10pm CET/9pm BST/1pm PST: 1.5 Hour Live!
4 Female Global Leaders: Fuji, England, Germany & US take you on a journey of flowing with Water while releasing emotional pain and the grief of our times.

June 24th — World UNITY Water Day:
Uniting around Water, this day is all about honouring and celebrating WATER as “source, sustenance and UNIFIER of All Life.” Dr. Shelly Ostroff!

June 25th — Celebrating 20th Anniversary of the United Religions Initiative
A day for highlighting interfaith harmony, spirituality and a worldwide blessing for peace. Go to the Main Stage at  

June 26nd — Main Stage// Men’s Work:          Go to
DAY: TUES: 26th. 1pm CET/12noon BST/7am EST/4am PST:
1 Hour Live Broadcast!
SFR Supported: Join the Mankind Project, Sacred Sons, Sacred Passage, Call to Brotherhood and other empowered masculine voices in sharing their wisdom and vision for the healing of our changing world and the role of the Sacred Masculine in it!

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