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Greetings cowgirls…. now is the time to get on your horse and ride south to your soul journey!

Who is she, the rising emerging woman inside of you? Which role does she play in your daily life, friendships and partnerships? And which role have played history, culture and religion in the shaping of her empowerment? Actually, what are the female values, perspective and powers? And how to bring them into balance with the masculine? What does it actually feel like to sit in a circle of women in female solidarity? And how to create and facilitate such circle?

Time to find it out?!








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Sacred Female Rising Institute is offering a series of Workshops ready to run at your venue or event (see above). Another option could be to take part in one of the events SFR is organizing. Check out what’s up now or scroll through the flyers of past events for inspiration and get an idea of what SFR is doing!


Create together with SFR

Dear Ones, there are many types of workshops that SFR can run – we have listed a couple above to give you an idea and some inspiration of how this can look like. Are you inspired and like to create a workshop event in your city together with SFR? Or do you have a special workshop idea you like to co-create together with Sacred Female Rising?


SFR Partner Events

How does a co-created partner event look like? And what kind of partner events is SFR co-organizing? Get further inspired to co-create together by a colourful variety of actual and past SFR Partner Events here or just still your curiosity by flipping through the flyers and information.