Women Walking to 4000 Year Old Sacred Site!

What an incredible Story this one turned out to be…. almost unbelievable. We arrived in the mid afternoon in a town called Möringen. A fellow sister had requested that we go there to cleanse a site where women had been persecuted and burned for witchcraft. Ugly business…. I debated on this for a few months and when the Initiation Ceremony weekend came around I asked the women if they wanted to go for a live teaching practice. They all jumped at the opportunity. So we went….. step by step!

Well, the story is a bit too long and intricate to describe in full detail… but with a dash of spoken word log book style it went something like this…

Streets bare – high noon – sun streaked here’s to you… for listening!
Medieval and new…. nobody knew…..
what remained hidden ….made them blue.
24 women on a mission waiting outside of the mission…they call museum..
Unknown woman walked out – she was the one… who found the sun….
Direction to the Jewels – she pointed us … to a Jewerly shop and another sister
held the plot!
She fixed us with one strait eye … historian & weaver …. was there to remind ….
and gave the course… to the oldest house on the block…  its energy was haunting us….
found out more… tears did fall…. thousands died in the war… of 30 years… and all those tears did not relieve the coming threat…. WWII concentration camp…. again we moved again towards …..us 24! mm

At the end of the day we not only were led to clean those sites but also were led to a very old property… into a back garden… where a 4000+ years old Well/Spring ran pure… bubbles constantly rose to the surface. There were caves under the water she said.. she being the 94yr old super fit woman who had lived there her entire life! ‘We have never found a bottom’! The Tale? Every ancient well has a tale! 🙂 Originally it was An ancient Spring to honor the God Votan! It once laid in the middle of a vast forest! How do I know this? I saw it… through the layers of time. This is the shaman’s eye.

The German sisters found some ancestors there and something more pure than all the wars!