Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 21.12.2020

Dear Human Family,
The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us! What an enormous blessing to our world and our humanity. The Sacred Female Rising Institute is offering 3 works. I ask you to please share the global mediation flyer with friends and family.
1. Dec 21: 10.00CET/ ‘Deep Heart Work’ on the Solstice Apex!/ 21€
This is a deep & powerful focused work: Come when ready! (limit 21) via Zoom:83651274538

2. Dec 21: 16.00CET/Dragon Dreaming Ceremony/via remote/0€
Remote work/ synchronize your energy w/ the Ceremony. Instructions are given via request only
In this Ceremony we work with the energy of the Dragon. Those that wish to join this frequency will receive ceremonial instructions and join the energy from where there are. There is not a live link.

3. Dec 21: 19.22CET/Global Synchronized Meditation/0€
UNIFY & The PORTAL = Mass Meditation!/ SFR offers meditation w/ the SISTER CIRCLE/zoom: 89121579921
There are Synchronized meditations happening all over our planet – our zoom call offers a female collective that meditates along with these Global works in order to reach an even higher resonance together. The call is for one hour. The mediation is for 20mins.
May we rise in love, light, peace and prosperity for All!