Winter Solstice 21.12.19

Winter Solstice Ceremony 21.12.19
Time to Fly! Last Ceremony of This Decade!

Forest Sit & Circle Ceremony! Celebration of Light & Deep Self Love! Fire Wheel & Moving The Body Temple! Live Music & Love!
4pm: Landing – take some time in nature and rest to prepare your spirit. Healing room open.
4.30pm: Gather in circle – Ceremonial Walk to Forest
6pm: Ceremonial walk to Medicine Wheel
6 – 9pm: Meeting your medicine for 2020 & calling in the Highest good for your life & Light! Vortex portal will be in the wheel. Special instructions given at registration.

Location: HarzRanch. Time:  4 – 9pm(17-22Uhr). After Celebration 9 to 11pm. Bitte Anmelden:Mira: // 01764056 3632//Cost = 50€//Sleep over possible. Reserve space/12 spaces available downstairs. Please come prepared: Ceremonial dress & 2nd ceremonial dress if you choose to go through portal! Please Bring: Food to share.