Why Ceremony?

What is ceremony?

Group Ceremony
Ceremony is soon to begin at a ‘Holy Well’ somewhere in Germany.

Ceremony is our living connection to the sacred.

When we feel into the planet we live upon and when we feel the hearts of others we find ourselves in the vibration of a ceremonial experience. To be of truth and to experience truth are one in the same vibration and yet different existential experiences. How then do you witness the sacred and how do you mark the important social, biological and psychological
turning points in your world/ daily life?

What is ceremony for SFR?

To us at Sacred Female Rising group ritual or ceremony is a way to experience or access the divine power that we all possess. When enacting this within a group the power grows stronger and usually manifests faster and more effortlessly.

MiraMichelle leads part of the ceremony at Stone Henge, Summer Solstice 2012.

Ceremonial work in a group is a creative process. We create a space together to heal, rejoice, play and to recognize something that we didn’t before the process began. This something can be very simple and subtle and yet it colors the moment with such richness that it stays and somehow paints our life anew.

Also ceremonial practice can come to teach us endurance, commitment and focus. These experiences often go hand in hand acting as sweet companions to each other and are also necessary teachers for growth.

These realities are explored when we embark upon the conscious choice of moving from the mundane into the sacred.

What is sacred energy? For us it is the realization that something exists other than the human form and thought. It is a vibration which informs, inspires, guides and loves!