What is an Earth Medicine Certificate?

By completing training courses associated with the Sacred Female Rising Institute you may request to be awarded with the ‘Earth Medicine Certificate’. This certification serves to recognise and confirm the integrity of the spiritual practises performed by the holder, as authorized by the Institute. It empowers the certified holder to activate the skills and tools learned during the yearlong Medicine Woman Training and further supports a high level of professionalism in their field of endeavour and within the budding ancient-modern role of the spiritual woman who holds and emanates the ‘Medicine’ which has the capacity to nurture and heal.

This certificate energetically empowers the holder to engage in: Primal Grounding, Elemental Connection, Self-Safety/Space acknowledgement techniques and instruction on creating personal medicine circles for self-healing and well-being.

All certified women are qualified to join the SFR Network and may also apply to become part of the SFR Affiliate Program.