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Visionary Creatress

The Sacred Female that is Rising is
a Visionary Creatress!

[Founder MiraMichelle]

What is a Visionary Creatress?

A woman who owns her own creativity and allows this tool of creation into her expanded vision. The female visionary! She is You, Us and We! She is inside of Every Woman and Man!

Why The Visionary Creatress Is Greatly Needed

What is deeply needed on our planet is Female Vision and Values for our world. The nourishing and empathetic energy of the ‘Living Giving force’ is embodied and embedded in our cells. psyches and spirits. To co-create a new balance on our planet we women must go into the vibration of visioning and  the dream time to birth a new world into being. This power is innate to us – it is a major aspect of our female medicine! Let us HONOR the Visionary Creatress as SHE comes alive again and combine our Vision and Creation to heal our world!

The Earth is the Ultimate Visionary Creatress!

Be your own Visionary Creatress!

What is your vision? How do you create? Who is she, the Visionary Creatress in you? Feel into it and find some free tips here!

Meet your own VC