Visionary Creatress


The Sacred Female that is rising is
a visionary creatress!

[Founder MiraMichelle]



What is a Visionary Creatress?

Let’s begin with a definition

A Vision serves like the Polar star in the night sky, it has the potential to lead the way to where we want to go. A vision gives a certain direction to something. It gives purpose.

Creation/Creating is to bring something into manifestation. Everything around us is creation. Nature is the ultimate creation… as are our homes… our lives…. our world! Life itself is creation.



Who is she – the Visionary Creatress?

She is You! Me, Us and We! She is the one waiting to be created! She lives within every woman and she always will. She is pure potential, wisdom and knowing.  She simply awaits our call to reveal her essence.

Vision can bring great purpose. However, to actually live this purpose we need to bring this vision down to Earth. ManifestING our vision into LIFE is a highly creative process and it is exactly this process of combining Vision with Creation that we at SFR love to support IN women.

“Committing to a self process where vision and creation infuse and inform each other in a honoring dance of awareness is how our dreams can come true to become the life we dream of.”

[Anja C. Kiper/Miramichelle]



The sacred dance of two distinct energies twirling, flowing and infusing each other and therefore, weaving and creating new patterns into the web of life. The visionary can be seen as the male principle, the yang, giving purpose, focus and direction. The creative force is of the female principle, the yin, nurturing the vision, holding space for it and bringing it down to earth. Together, then manifesting it from the unseen worlds, of vision, to the seen worlds of this physical earth.

All human beings, male and female, carry both energies, the yin and the yang. We all are invited to dance this dance inside and outside to bring those two poles into a healthy balance.

Sacred Female Rising is a Visionary Creatress!


Be your own Visionary Creatress!

What is your vision? How do you create? Who is she, the Visionary Creatress in you? Feel into it and find some free tips from us for you here!

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