7 Days of Rest & Reflection! 1-7.1.19. + Videos!

The SFR Core Team explores the importance of joining the upcoming Global Movement…. 7 Days of Rest & Reflection!!!


Sacred Female Rising Institute, our Team and my heart for HUMANITY…. all invite you to JOIN US for the ‘7 Days of Rest’ 2019!
What Does It Mean? From Jan 1 to 7. 2019… simply join the frequency of rest and reflection! FEEL the Earth. Feel our Humanity. FEEL your life. GO a bit slower and reflect!
What Can I Do? Join the Frequency! (The Entire Country of Sri Lanka joined last year!) It will be a higher resonance that heals our world, however, we come by it. Einstein said: One can not change problems with the same frequency that created them! THIS IS OUR OPPORTUNITY!! 🙂 Yeah!!!
Register on the ‘7 Days of Rest & Reflection’ Site! Why? Let the world know how important it is to FEEL & REFLECT!!
Share: Send these Flyers to Friends and family members. Gather with people of like minds and reflect together!
Create: Bring people together and pray, meditate, go slow together, dance, paint, ceremony etc…..
Document: Take photos, audio, videos etc… and post on your page or that of 7 Days of Rest or Sacred Female Rising! Letting the World/your community know that it is an IMPORTANT TIME to get involved in the health of our planet!!!

With Hope, Inspiration & LOVE