The Female Art of Healing & Hands on Healing 9.11.19

Are you a Healer? / Do you feel called to practice the healing arts? / Do you wish to discover how to activate or reactivate your own self-healing mechanism? / Why do we Heal?

“After years of being requested to share my knowledge & experience in the energetic Healing Realms – I am feeling a strong call to answer!”


Workshop Focus: 
What is FEMALE healing? Basics & Lineages.
Know your Hands & know your ‘Why’.
Activate Hands! Protection & Innovation.
What and Who is the Healer?
Creating the Healing Space! Direct Experience inside
the Healing Spaceship. Getting out of your head & into

Location:Praxis für Körper, Geist und Seele, Königstraße 11. 24568 Kaltenkirchen. (Hamburg) 9.11.19 & Time: 12pm – 5pm. // Energy Exchange: 75€ +USt 19%// Register: