Super New Moon Ceremony 30.8.19

This Super New Moon in Virgo – Biggest of This Year – Is Going to Rock Us into Manifestation!

8 Planets in Earth!  7 Planets in Mutable Signs!  Make Manifest!

Dear Ones, this Super New Moon is very positive and is perfect for planting seeds, getting focused and narrowing down into the specifics you wish to manifest in your lives!

                    Earth Energies are strong this moon cycle – keeping us grounded and also flexible! 

August 30. Location: Röselerstraße 1A, 30159 Hannover. Time: 6.30-9.30pm(18.30-21.30Uhr) Bitte Anmelden: Mira: // 01764056 3632//Cost = 25€// Please Bring: A map of your current project, work, life goals – dream big! Food to Share. A handful of Earth!