SFR & World Unity Week 2021 Co-Creator – Veronica Larsson

Sacred Female Rising is overjoyed to be a Partner of World UNITY Week!

Meet Veronica Larsson. At WUW she will be leading a discussion on sacred activism in times of change, as well as a morning embodiment practise and a breathwork session.
Veronica’s work is the ever deepening result of now 24 years of exploration and inquiry into the human mind-body condition through way of direct experience and allowing the healing of scoliosis, migraines, digestive disorders, trauma, a journey consisting of over 2400 contact hours of training in yoga, meditation, trauma & emotional release therapy, nutrition, consciousness & energy medicine, breath-work and shamanism, as well as Journey Work therapist training, Awaken your Light-body Teacher Training, Nutrition, Shamanic Breath-work, and Earth Medicine with Mira Michelle, and the creation of an organic restaurant. She’s a Yoga Alliance US E-RYT 500hrs, and a Yoga Alliance UK Senior Yoga Teacher certification. Her work is non-dogmatic, directly lived and embodied knowledge and experience of the Laws of Nature; That which Is, as we breathe, now, not concepts, wishes or any predetermined school of thought.

Listening, Dialogue, Democracy & Ecology will be an interview format discussion about why people are getting engaged and where they’re coming from when they go out to speak their truth within our current world environment. Intention: authentic, loving conversation. With embodiement practises and teachings. 



Shamanic Breathwork – conscious breathing allows us to go beyond the conditioned programming that our mind-body neurology unconsciously holds in place based on previous survival strategies, and frees up our innate life-creating energy to move instead according to the laws of nature.

Original State of Being Free Movement – a deep mind-body meditation practice offering the space in present time to connect with, hear and honor our innate intelligent impulse to arrange our mind-body according to how it wants to be so that we can be with our Self, not by controlling and holding on, but by deeply relaxing and receiving the aliveness of our own body.
World Unity Week 2021 (June 19 to 26th) for 8 days of live conversation, music and creative inspiration in this ground-breaking intertwined online and physical world gathering. Embrace ancient wisdom, take 
conscious action and connect with a multi-cultural, intergenerational community embracing a new story for humanity.
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