SFR & World Unity Week 2021 Co-Creator – Sandi Djoulfian

Sacred Female Rising is overjoyed to be a Partner of World UNITY Week!

Meet Sandi 😍 at WUW 2021 she will be holding space for The Warrioress Within:: Soul Aligned & Wild w/ Sandi, hosting a morning Shakti Dance~ the Yoga of Dancesession, and speaking in Young Women Leaning In – Walking the Ancient Path in the Modern Age Panel.
Sandi is a Medicine Woman facilitating Ceremonies of Kambô, Women Circles and Shakti Dance®~Yoga of Dance~ as tools to awaken to the knowledge of self and power- personal medicines, uniquely residing within each of us. Held in fierce love and honour, her rituals bring alignment with the Sacred, tuning into the rhythm of nature and the dance of life!

A call to awaken the Warrioress within, pearls of wisdom sharing, and a touch of magic!

The Warrioress Archetype is a fierce champion of the soul and heart, unstoppable in removing fears and obstacles holding her from her deepest truth and the collective’s highest potential. She revives strength to express, be, and fight for truth, set strong boundaries from her inner knowing, and serve in the name of the highest good.

How would you fight for peace? Surrender to love?


Shakti Dance® w/ Sandi 

Shakti Dance® is a mixture of Yoga & Dance. Originating from Kundalini Yoga and various dance styles, it moves in 8 cycles in opening the body, mind, and spirit to move in full expression of soul. Flowing asanas move to standing steps, bringing breath, body and movement into cohesion, to further open up the body and soul in free dance. Celestial communication comes next, whereby an 8 minute mantra and mudra journey align us with the Divine within. Finally, a meditation and closing to integrate.



World Unity Week 2021 (June 19 to 26th) for 8 days of live conversation, music and creative inspiration in this ground-breaking intertwined online and physical world gathering. Embrace ancient wisdom, take 
conscious action and connect with a multi-cultural, intergenerational community embracing a new story for humanity.
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