SFR & World Unity Week 2021 Co-Creator – Magdalena Werner

Sacred Female Rising is overjoyed to be a Partner of World UNITY Week!

Meet Magdalena 😍 at WUW 2021 she will be offering morning Kundalini classes & a workshop on the concept of Demonized Women.
Magdalena combines neuroscience and mysticism with spiritual healing and embodiment in her work with individuals and groups. As a trained kinesiologist, energy worker and intuitive traveller, she is someone who dares to discover wounded places within the human body and earth body. Magdalena also gives Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops and operates as a Health manager in enterprises. There she invites deep introspection, listening and feeling. She is passionate about the human capacity of transformation, deep healing and salvation. Dedicated to the medicine path she deeply trusts in the upliftment and liberation of all hearts and bodies into the New Earth.

In this introspective journey modern women look to their female ancestors, exploring cultural and psychological backgrounds of ancient wounds, which have been the result of the demonization of women.

Who were those demonized women and how is their story ours – for both, men and women? And how do those ancestral wounds play out nowadays on a personal and collective level? What does humanity need to rise up in integrity and to embrace the present in unifying peace?

That talk aims to inspire and empower you to reconnect to that ancient part that lies hidden beneath dark desires, fear and shame but will lead you right into the realms of your light filled Future Self. It’s time to bring our demons into light. Let us reawaken the demonized woman from the shadows and listen to her wisdom from deep within.


Magdalena is a passionate Yogini and invites you to unfold your wild unified consciousness. This Kundalini Yoga-practise is dedicated to your innate body intelligence. It combines physical exercises with relaxation techniques. It unravels the mind and thoughts, awakens the power of emotions and can invoke a deep inner process.





World Unity Week 2021 (June 19 to 26th) for 8 days of live conversation, music and creative inspiration in this ground-breaking intertwined online and physical world gathering. Embrace ancient wisdom, take 
conscious action and connect with a multi-cultural, intergenerational community embracing a new story for humanity.
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