Sacred Female Rising Workshop

The Sacred Female Rising Workshop is an ‘answer in motion’ to some of what the women have yearned for and requested throughout hundreds of lunar gatherings.

This work encourages the spiritual re-emergence and self-empowerment of women. The objective of this light filled work is to help reestablish female solidarity (Sisterhood), to feel and nurture our own inner feminine/masculine balance and to send a direct message of how we – ‘the Female Spirit’ – imagine a future on this planet.

This workshop is a celebration of the reemergence of the Divine Feminine. This 2 day journey fosters a greater awareness, understanding and feeling of what the Sacred Feminine is and how its expansion can greatly benefit our world.

During the workshop we explore the infinite potential of Female Power, Leadership and Communication.

There is a power point presentation that explains the newest findings and interpretations of the Paleolithic era and relates why these findings are so important for women to know NOW. Did you know that during the Paleolithic era women could ONLY give birth once every 4 years!? Other new and important findings are revealed.


We invoke and play with the Sacred Tools of women and work to create an access to the empowered and Divine Female within you. Ending with Sacred Ceremony that calls in the pure resonance of the Divine Feminine!

Sacred Female Rising Workshop Day 2 On the 2nd day we expand upon and work to integrate as well as liberate the Modern and Future Woman archetypes. This work assists in the individual and collective re-creation of the now emerging ‚Future Woman’ – which SFR refers to as the 7th Female Archetype.™

Workshop in English mit deutscher Übersetzung. The next SFR Workshop is to be announced – check our SFR Events!

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