SFR Thanks World Unity Week

Dearest Sisters and Brothers ‘in Creation’ World Unity Week 2021

Thank you for your presentations and participation, lending forth your expertise, wisdom, time, energy and great love – all in the name of World 🌎 Unity!

The Temple of the Rising Feminine room blossomed 🌸 with a radiant wave 🌊  of co-creation as 7 women worked together in weekly zoom calls for 3 months leading into WUW. Weeks before its illustrious start … realization happened – 7 women birthed Sisterhood! We termed ourselves the ‘7’ Sisters! This felt like cosmic guidance weaved within truth, trust and growth!

Concurrently, a small group of our Sacred Female Rising community convened a group of ‘8’ ♥️ to develop a diverse voice of the Sacred Feminine – from Germany to Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Lebanon, Armenia, Canada and America! In the name of World Unity we created space to bring our lived experience into WUW!

Wow! What an awesome opportunity was co-created by us ALL to express, to hold, to care, to convene, to embolden and to RISE! To live our collective vision and purpose of World Unity in our time! We did it!! Congratulations!

This is deserving of a Grand THANK YOU 🙏 ….. WUW, Unity Earth, Purpose Earth, S.I.N.E., UNIFY, Together in Creation, Whole World View, CCE and so many more!
As Kerstin’s song echoes in my Heart… We are ‘One Song Singing’

Love and Gratitude
MiraMichelle and Sacred Female Rising Team of 8

P.S. A Beautiful thank you for donating to Purpose Earth! 🌎 💕 🌏

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