Sacred Marriage Ceremony

Love has come to me – like a honey bee. Flown from flower to flower – now have found the hour. To Love – the you in me and the me in you.

Self and Partnership. This ceremony is an ancient powerful ritual that has been re-weaved with a contemporary edge. Its source intention is to awaken and enliven consciousness. It should not be entered into lightly.

The core principal in the Sacred Marriage Ceremony is that of the personal honor code. The Sacred Marriage ceremony activates one’s personal honor code in relation to partnership.

How are these principals activated?

Through forgiveness, clarity of inner intent and Love. Its purpose is to connect with one’s inner power, divine nature and life intention in order to grow and to share these truths with the beloved.

The Sacred Marriage Ceremony is conducted in the nature within the symbolic form of the 3 circles within themselves.

If you have the impulse or idea to exchange your vows with another in a sacred earth ceremony then

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