Sacred Journey Retreat. Preparation for New Decade! 19 – 22.3.2020

Sacred Journey Retreat – Soul – Preparation for 2020!!

Dear Ones, this special retreat that I ran in December was so incredibly powerful that I have been guided to run it again! It prepares the soul/body for the new resonances that are on their way in 2020 and beyond!

Some of what is being offered:
*Where are you right now in your ascension process? What do you need?
*What feels complete? What feels still left open? What do you want to do about it?

*Sacred Ceremony. Star Connect. Healthy food. Dance & Fire! 10 min direct individual channeled healing session. Ascension key code. Preparing the body/mind for the higher resonance field that is coming. Space will be provided for 15. women. 420.17€ + 19%USt/Harz, Germany. Live Spring Equinox Ceremony with invited guests! Register at