Prayer of the Mothers Peace March! Israel 5-11.10.17!

Warm greetings of Inspiration and Vision! Myself and two other sisters, Paula Redhead (see the vision us page) and Ute Hüser from the Huldersun Akademi will journey to Israel next week to join our sisters in solidarity! I see the WWP – Women Wage Peace’s grass roots movement of creating the female vision of peace to be one of the most important places to be if you are interested in the creation of peace on our planet at this time. Besides, of course, in our own hearts and minds.

We will be posting daily from Israel from the 5th to the 11th of October! Catch us here or on the Sacred Female Rising F.B. pages, Instagram or the SFR Youtube Channel!

Flowing with the power of peace is what we are all moving towards! Ahey!!