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SFR Online Courses 2020

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MiraMichelle shares her Insights & Practical Spiritual Experience to help you prepare for the upcoming Energy Shifts

This Course/Transmission Includes: (Pre-recorded)

Introduction to Energy Updates: What is happening on our planet right now and what is coming. Bringing in the broader perspective and aligning in the body/mind with high resonance.
How to See, Sense & Interact: with the Energy Shifts and receive the greatest benefit for your life and our world. One tool for the mind, one for the body and one for the spirit/soul are shared!
Clearing Your Own Way: Own your personal programs/psychology to realize what parts of your psyche enable you to expand and/or not enable you to expand. Reviewing Ancestor Templates.
Co-creating Your Ascension Key Code: Special tool for energetic/psychological/emotional expansion. This Tool brings it all together… it is a powerful life tool and is used to guide you into your center quickly and efficiently!
•  Activating your Ascension Key Code: Sacred Drum Journey w/ the Spirit Grandmothers.
Channel with the Ancient Sacred Grandmothers.
Launch: May 7. 2020 Free 30 min video: May 7. 2020 Watch Now!
Launch: May 22. 2020 The Course/Transmission: Available from May 22nd. This pre-recorded course can be watched any time after the 22nd.


Free ‘Live’ Aftercare Q&A Webinar:
Have more questions and comments about these Energy Shifts? On the Sunday June 7th MiraMichelle will open a Live sharing circle to support you in any processes you may be currently experiencing in these energetically charged times. During this special free session she will be open to any questions you may have in relation to the course content and provide you more clarity about how it is effecting your personal experience and spiritual growth. Don’t worry if you are unable to join during this time, a recording of the evening will be made available for all students who have purchased the course.
When: Sunday June 7th// Time: 7pm (CET)/10am (PST)


“Resonant Spiritual transmissions do not need more effort. They need more surrender and being in ones own sensitivity and trust. This work is about sensing and feeling the shifts as they happen and then knowing and trusting ones feeling of what to do or not to do – not in a general way but in a deeply personal and empowered presence. The great awakening, which is happening now, is calling all humans to become Sacred again. I feel that we do this most effectively when we are less attached to our conditioned identities and more in line with our deepest trust and purpose”. mm


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In Development: HERStory Online Course

Recent archaeological findings from the Palaeolithic era are asking us to reconsider history…or rather HERstory! Join Mira Michelle as she shares a fresh perspective on our cultural heritage and presents evidence that calls for the reinterpretation of the patriarchal social systems in which we are now embedded.