New Moon in Pisces 23.2.20

Pisces New Moon – Planting Powerful Seeds

The spiritual energy of this Pisces new moon holds a High Light Frequency of Consciousness and it is a great opportunity to take major quantum leaps in our evolution.
Work Includes:
* Body/Breath re-connection.* Spiritual Strategic Steps for securing your personal frequency.
* Plugging into the Angelic/Ethereal Unconditional love – this Pisces moon is bringing!
Join us in person or Zoom!
Date: Sunday 23.2.20, Time: 5.30 – 8pm, Location: Harz Ranch. Please bring your sacred items and food to share or create a sacred space in your home when you join via zoom. Exchange: 15 – 20€= zoom. 20€ in person. Sign in: 

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