New Moon in Aries Ceremony 15.4.18

Ceremony of Fire to activate Passion, Courage & Hope!

*How are you moving forward in your life?

*Healing of the Inner Child & Listening to your deep sensitivity

*Feeling your inner Sun/Fun!

*Each woman will receive a 5 min personal chakra reading

We’re now approaching the new moon in Aries…the theme for this new moon is MOVING FORWARDS!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel. A time of new beginnings when we access the courage to take the leap of faith on a new adventure that offers excitement & new growth!

Whilst the full moon highlighted how we felt about how relationships with others – now the pendulum is swinging back to focus on our own needs & wants as we approach the new moon in Aries – the sign of self & personal identity. The unconscious child can be quick to burden others with all the fault rather than see how they can be their own worst enemy.