New Moon Ceremony in Scorpio 19.11.17

Scorpio Moon – Water & Fire Ceremony

*Coaching Light: Consciousness of positive change & raising personal frequency!

*Femaleness: Allowing the Sensual woman to emerge: moving with Scorpio power – Water & fire ceremony!

Womanhood: Cosmic Woman & Cosmic Sensual/Sexual Being!


November 18: New Moon is Saturday, November 18. The theme for this new moon is creating positive change out of challenging circumstances. Anything that has been a hardship for you and could be seen as a negative experience can be used as a powerful agent to shift into something new. This is a new moon and will support anything new. Take the pieces of the old, whether an old dream, an old life, or challenging lessons and use the power of those experiences to fuel what wants to emerge from the ashes. By Lena Stevens

Nov 19. 2017: 6 – 8.30pm Location; KörperZentrum Altona, Hospitalstr. 44, 22767

Please Bring: An item that symbolizes your RISE & a Candle! Bring a sensual photo of yourself! Wear something that celebrated you! Self Investment 25€//Anmeldung: Please send me a mail … the space can hold up to 25 people!