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Sacred Female Rising Network

SFR Network

SFR loves to support Women who then support other Women!

The SFR Network encourages women to become empowered by deeply investing in their healing process and then radiating this outwards to uplift those around them. One huge aspect of this is by diving deeper and discovering the unique gifts and personal medicine that we can share to heal the world.

SFR is a place to find and meet sisters who are also in their rising process. Have a look at our offers below – ceremonies & events and devoted spiritual activism – and tune into the powerful resonance that organically arises when women come together in purpose and clarity.

SFR Network
SFR Network

Female visionaries are desperately needed on our planet!

In order to weave a new world of love and peace, we need to ask ourselves how female values play a role in all of this? How can we rise together with other women and develop true female solidarity?

“Sisters, let’s dive into the feeling of embracing and walking our Vision! One woman with a powerful Vision ended a War! That was one incredible woman. Imagine what we can do together!” mm

 Spiritual Activism from the Heart!

Sacred Female Rising was founded in 2008 by MiraMichelle and since this time has been growing from the first seed idea into what ‘She’ is today.

This network is the ‘You, Me, Us and We’ Movement. We see that the ‘You’ is ‘Me’ and the ‘Me’ is ‘Us’ and the ‘Us’, which is our local/global group community, is the collective ‘We’. Creating alive community which functions from heart and human solidarity is the intention of our ACTIONS.

SFR Network

SFR Network Offers

Become a Sacred Female that is Rising

What a Sacred Female Rising sister can do to support herself to RISE!

Council of Soul Sisters

Find female solidarity from the heart – call out to your TRIBE! Tribe …. where are you!? Well, here are some of our Tribe who have branched out and begun their own spirit works.

Sacred Female Rising Events

Dancing with the divine while walking on this earthly manifestation! Life is an incredible ride. Join one of the SFR events to dance with us and feel our FLOW.

SFR Institute 

Investigating Female Values, Wisdom and Medicine. Discover what we have to OFFER