Welcome to the SFR Network

SFR Loves to support WOMEN who then support other Women!

When women connect with other women and feel rewarded and empowered through this connection we ALL grow as radiant flowers in open fields!

The SFR Network encourages women to connect with other women, to find and meet sisters who are also in their rising process.

Through specific activities such as workshops, ceremonies & events, land healing ceremonies and the personal moments which happen organically between women –   the great healing on our planet happens by US being THAT …. in our homes, work places and in the never ending infinite Now!

Finding our Vision can be a matter of a second! Or it can be a matter of a lifetime. News on the street? You are needed future leaders, dreamers, seers, weavers and stuff. We female visionaries are needed!!

“People who will take a step back and say, ‘Though I’m sleeping in a comfortable bed, but I’m not comfortable until someone else out there is comfortable.’ And for me, that is what I see leadership to be.”

Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee speaks about ‘The Role of Women at the Front Lines of Peace Building’ during a Visionary Women Salon. May 5, 2015. In 2011, Gbowee won the nobel Peace Prize for her commitment in leading a women’s peace movement that helped end the Second Liberian Civil War.
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“Sisters, let’s dive into the feeling of finding and walking our Vision! One woman with a powerful Vision ended a War! Do we dare to manifest the sacred dance of life within its great vibration and potential?!  mm

SFR Vision

Sacred Female Rising was founded in 2008 by MiraMichelle and since this time has been growing from the first seed idea into what ‘She’ is today.

This Network is the ‘You, Me, Us and We’ Movement. We see that the ‘You’ is ‘Me’ and the ‘Me’ is ‘Us’ and the ‘Us’, which is our local/global group community, is the collective ‘We’. Creating alive community which functions more and more from the heart and human solidarity is the intention of our ACTIONS.


SFR Network Offers

Get Active to become Interactive! Spiritual Activism from the Heart!

What do you do for your own personal empowerment and healing? How can you rise together with other women and investigate female solidarity – human solidarity?

Be a Sacred Female that is rising!

Have a look at we are looking at. What a Sacred Female rising sister can do to support herself to RISE!



Meet your Sisters here!

Finding female solidarity from the heart – call out to your TRIBE! Tribe …. where are you!? Well, here is somewhere to start, proceed, maybe you are simply passing through and wish to meet a sister who is also on a similar journey…. the journey always continues….



Connect Now!



Sacred Female Rising Events

Dancing with the divine while walking on this earthly manifestation! Life is an incredible Ride.



SFR Institute! Investigating Female Values, Wisdom and the Medicine!

Who is the emerging spiritual woman? Who has she been in ancient times, who is she today? How history, culture and religion have shaped female development and our ‘call to empowerment’? How do we women of the 21st century embody her – the spiritual or medicine woman – in our daily life?