Nature Re-Connection & Cleansing Ceremony 6.10.19

The Nature is calling all Humans to revisit Sacred Sites to Cleanse, Uplift & Connect!

Planet Earth is a magical and majestic place filled with great wonders! What if she needs our help to relieve her of the traumatic events that have been our doing? What if the sacred energy sites of our ancestors are tired from carrying this trauma and need our help to fully radiate to their full power? What if when doing this we also come into a greater power and presence?
This is what this ceremony is about! Location: Heidelberg: (location given at registration).  Date: 6.10.19 Time: 5 – 7.30pm. Travel time not included! Brings: Offering for the earth, open mind and heart. //Register: Marion: //phone: 0172 8601255//exchange 20€. Children = no cost.