Medicine Woman Training

What is the Medicine Woman Training?

The overall purpose of this training is to learn about the path of the medicine woman, from ancient to modern, practices of shamanism dovetailed with quantum physics, energy psychology and earth magic. All of this will be explored and experienced along with powerful techniques, day and night ceremonies, forest sit solos, sisterhood circles and more.



What is a Medicine Woman?

We women have been living our medicine for thousands of years….

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MWT Program Details

Enrollment is limited for up to 17 women who will form a supportive and interactive female solidarity circle for a year. A commitment to attend all meetings is expected.

The Medicine Woman Training is a one year venue that prepares women for the path and wisdom of a contemporary Medicine Woman. In the active run there are four separate gatherings that run from May to September.  These usually include; a 5 day, 4 day and two 1 day journeys.


Following the ‚active group training’ there is a 6 month online directed practical, where the women practice and apply the skills and techniques learned during the training. At the conclusion of this 6 month practical there is a ‘One on One’ Review of Skills Consultation’ where the participant, Mira and spirit guidance work together to discern if the Sister as ‘Medicine Woman in Training’ is prepared for the Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony. The MW Initiation 3.5 day intensive takes place one year from when the training began.

Actual MWT Dates



Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony

The Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony is an empowerment ceremony especially created to support the participant into a greater alignment with her personal medicine and the path of the Medicine Spirit Woman. It is a powerful self initiated and spirit supported ceremony. It is to be stepped into with full and clear intention and integrity.


MWT Initiation Group 2016

MWT Initiation 2015 June & July

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MWT Registration

All pertinent information of the Registration process for the MWT  2019 you find here:

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MWT Blog

Medicine Woman Training Blog

Are you interested in seeing some pictures from a past MW Training? Or would you like to soak in some medicine inspiration or perhaps an insight about the history of medicine women from the ancient past into the present? How about reading testimonials from some of the past participants or learn more about special ceremonies tailored for our SFR Medicine Women Network.? Then check out our MWT Blog.