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MWT Registration

“A warm welcome from MiraMichelle & Team and thank you for your interest in the Medicine Woman Training!”



To Register for the Medicine Women Training Program please fill in the following form, which will put your Name onto the MWT list and officially register you. Return this question sheet Question Sheet  application form via email or by post. The question sheet application needs to be returned to the Sacred Female Rising Institute by March 21th 2020.


Only valid filled-in questionaires can be taken into account for application. This process is necessary to best support the personal and group development. All information given is private and confidential and works to form the new MW Training Group. According to the limitation of group size it is suggested to fill in the form as fully and  honestly as possible.

All women will be informed about the success of their Registration and Application process. All further information about the training; bedding, dietary needs, brings, offerings, address of location etc. will be sent your way after the application process has closed fully.


Are you ready to meet & activate the knowledge & power of the Medicine Woman inside of You?



Your MWT Registration Request

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    See Privacy Policy of Sacred Female Rising for more info.