MWT 2019 – Exploring The Medicine – 18.1.2020

Exploring The Medicine
Rising In Your Individual & Resonate Medicine

It is time to rise and rise again on this planet and in this training. The guidance of source vibration, Ancestors, Grandmothers, Spirit Guidance, Goddess/God and whatever else we would choose to term the seamless timeless dimension of the divine … has called this day and time into being. Many have answered and so we proceed!

“Take the hand of your sisters and in truth, grace and trust rise into your authentic power and wisdom”. This is the direct speech from the grandmothers.

Blessings to our efforts – to our remembering, to our recovery and re-empowerment of Gifts!
Focus:*Review & Overview of Works done (1.5 hr),*Filling in the schedule works (2hrs)
*Personal Medicine Personal Dreams (1hr)*Ceremonial work for integrating new energies (2hrs)
*Channeling & direct questions (2 hrs) (Schedule lineup subject to changes)
Time: 10am to 8pm      Location: Harz Ranch   Brings: usual brings + snacks to share.
Energy exchange: 110€ includes USt//Night over 15€