MWT 2018

In this picture you see the core team for the MWT 2018.

To truly flourish and thrive in our world (inner and outer) we need to know who we are! It does not matter what introspective ‘way’ we take. Be it, yoga, meditation, shamanism, the study of theology etc… it only matters that we choose a course and go with it for the time that it nourishes our development, frees our minds and opens our hearts. This Medicine Woman Training is designed to allow women the freedom to explore themselves, their ancestry and the female collective story while learning (remembering) tools and skills that empower their consciousness!

MWT 2018: 2nd module / June 16th. 2018.

If you are interested attending the 2019 MWT feel free to email us(Booking Page) and your name will be added to the ongoing list of sisters.