MWT 2018 Marion’s Testimonial

Dear Mira,
I want to tell you how much I’m still connected to our time in Harz. It was really strong…!

And I have long wanted to tell you that I so much appreciate how you really teach us (not only take us along but really let us practice and feel…) – lead us to our own knowing, lead us to our own inner guidance while bridging the gap between our programs and what else is there…

I find my programming is as hard as a cement wall, but now it has real cracks and lets in more and more light, more and more connectedness, more and more miracles and wonder…what a journey!!!

It is something that touches me deeply, that you are so committed to our growth that you will really address what we need to hear and experience with all your passion. That makes me trust. It is this amount of “uncomfortableness” that is truly needed and I find that many many people (also teachers) will not go there fully. It feels like such a relief that you will do what it takes and I am so grateful for it.

Marion H.