MWT 2018 – Earth Medicine Certificate 29.2.20

Welcome 2018 Medicine Sisters: Congratulations to the Earth Medicine Certificate Initiates!! Honoring your Commitment & Vision! 29.2.20

This one day excursion into the medicine will put you into a deeper place of knowing and trust in your walking medicine.

Work Includes:
* Protocols of Earth Medicine Certificate Overview, practices and theory.
* Review of permissions, copyrights and acknowledgment.
* Ceremony of connection, deep trust and knowing. A special service treat!

Location: Harz Ranch. Time: 9am to 8pm. Please bring: All medicine woman materials, sacred items and inspired stories of your experiences.
Tip: Arrive on 28.2.20 for over-night/arrival between 6 to 7pm – please bring a dish of food to share for the evening of the 28th.  On the 29.2.20- Bfast & Lunch provided. Total Cost all included = 120+19.15=139.15