Moon Groups

Move Mama Moon. Move it inside of me – breath it endless and free. Move Mama Moon Move – Move me free.

To meet on the full or new moons is an ancient practice of womanhood. As most of us know the moon corresponds with our physical/biological cycles and of course with the waves in the ocean.

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Sacred Female Rising Moon gatherings foster growth and awareness to help restore balance to female spirituality, solidarity and psychology. Creating more sisterhood in our lives is as simple as meeting a new friend. To come together in the circle supports heart felt togetherness, trust, truth, non-judgmental space, laughter, synchronicity and much more. Our circles include talking circle, feedback circle and an invocation ceremony to radiate and obtain high vibrations of heart and light frequencies.

The Moon groups have been Sacred Female Risings staple. We women have experienced through hundreds of lunar gatherings that we are connected to the cycles of the moon via our menstruation. We have learned to honor our blood and the great power that it holds. These Moon cycle gatherings have led us menstruating and non-menstruating women into a deep discovery about ourselves, the societies we live in, the politics of an unbalanced world and the future for our children and all humanity.

Bi-monthly moon meetings held on New and Full moons are in accordance with the feminine biological/spiritual principals. These groups serve as an active support system for the process of consciousness and self-responsibility.

The Sacred Female Rising Moon Gatherings are open for you to join on the new or full moon every month.

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