Meeting Sisters!

Connecting with other Rising Women?

The purpose of this page is to connect women! The purpose of connecting women to one another is to empower them and in turn empower our societies and our children. The sisters listed here are either part of the SFR Network, or have attended moon groups, workshops, the medicine woman training or ceremonies. They are women who are open to spiritual activities and connections. We asked each sister to write a quote rather than giving a picture as an introduction.

We ask you to be respectful and clear with your intentions and communications! Thank you! love Mira

Female – Solidarity – Sister – Journey. Connect Now!


Name &  Contact:

Larissa Aisha Deuter
Quote: Trust your inner voice and you will bring truth and magic into Life!

Sophie Böhmig
Quote:‘ l am listening and follow my instincts’


Name &  Contact:

Janina Harazim
Quote: I am here to fully be


Name & Contact:

Janti Jenkner
Quote: Cycles and circles are like the wind dancing life

Palesa Mopalami
Quote: „Reconnect with your roots“

Susanne Gräfe
Quote: „Feel the love for life and follow your intuition.“


Name & Contact:

Anja Kiper
Quote: Trust your intuition and go with the impulse

Aryani Kriegenburg
Quote: ‘The journey of life is to learn, until we wise enough to remember home’.

Franziska Drescher
Quote: „May every spirit BE happy!“

Quote: ‚It’s all in the now‘

Lena Warneboldt
Quote: „I choose LOVE.“



Other ways to connect with your Sisters!

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Circle up in person! SFR offers many different opptions: moon groups, ceremonies, the MWT, workshops … Which one suits you best? SFR works in different areas so be sure to check on that, too!