Meet our SFR Facilitators!

Everything is much easier if we know each other

Our professional trained SFR facilitators are here to support you in your important Rites of
passeages in your life. And beyond this bring greater enjoyment to your festivities!!

But how to overcome the first step of getting in touch when not yet knowing each other? We all know how difficult this can be…. Here come the good news: we make it very easy for you – meet our SFR facilitators right now!

Sacred Female Rising Facilitators
* Meet now! *

SFR Ceremony Facilitators

To honour significant moments in life hold the potential to be greatly empowering and can bring along a positive shift if we make such step consciously. But: everything is much easier if we know each other! …so meet here our Ceremony Facilitators!


SFR Moon Facilitators

To meet on the full or new moons is an ancient practice of womanhood. And a great opportunity of sisterhood and female solidarity. Interested in meeting the sister who is facilitating the Sacred Female Rising Moon Group in your area?




Meet your SFR sisters?!

Meet other women here

Finding female solidarity from the heart in our actual society can be very challenging… Meet other women who also attend SFR Events here!