Medicine Woman Training 2020: Dates & Info

Official Registration Begins on 21.12.19. Registration closes on 21.3.2020

Dear Sisters,
I am so pleased to announce the dates for the Medicine Woman Training 2020!!!

MWT Registration:
To register for the Medicine Woman Training is something of a process. Let me explain why.
Firstly, we seek to have a balanced group. What does this mean? A balanced group looks like: that there are different ages, that we honor diversity and also the diversity of experience. Maybe some women are the grounding anchors while others need to fly in the sky. A variety of different women does help the medicine to reveal itself.

A balanced group is a successful group. What does this mean for this work? The way we rate success in this training is; are the women growing, do they feel safe, is the female solidarity in the group emerging, are they having a good time and oh!! is their individual medicine being revealed?

Perhaps you feel the calling. What comes next?

If you feel called to join this ancient/future medicine woman training of wisdom and empowerment guided with a contemporary yet traditional approach, please send an email to with your intent and fill out the following official MWT Question Sheet   

And then what happens? After your submitted question sheet is reviewed then you will be contact with an invitation to the MWT 2020. This date will span between the day we receive your question sheet and March 21st. It may be that you are contacted for a 10 to 15 minute personal or collective Zoom call with other interested sisters, MiraMichelle and some of the SFR team.

This means that either Mira has not met you at any of the MWT Vortrags, or another event, or she/we need a bit more clarification regarding your question sheet.

Each year we receive more applications! Three years ago this small albeit high resonance training became global! We are blessed to have had attendees from all over Germany and Switzerland, Argentina, California USA, Ireland, Holland, England and Sweden.

We have had incredible guest facilitators which have included a 30yr veteran midwife, the sacred singer and ceremonial facilitator Astrid Brinck, the Tibetan Meditation Nun Brigette and his Holiness Tsugla Lopen Samten Dorji Rinpoche – who holds a similar position and resonance as the Dalai Lama –  however is from Bhutan. Blessings To All!

This Training is held in Germany close to the Harz region.

We also have auspicious teachers/elders/light intelligence that visit us through direct channel.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during the process of registration!

Looking forward to welcoming your Spirit into the timeless and infinite Circle of the Medicine!


1) May 6-10th: Wednesday to Sunday/ Harz, Germany

2/3) June 13th & July 2nd: Saturday & Thursday/ Hannover, Germany

4) September 16-20th: Wednesday to Sunday/ Harz, Germany

5) November 2020 to April 2021: 6 month Practical Application of Skills

6) April/May 2021: Review of Skills, Individual Consultation

7) May 27 – 30. 2021: Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony

For more information regarding tuition of the course please click on the link below… which takes you to