Medicine Woman Training 2020: Dates & Info

Dear Sisters,
Time for the next round! I am so pleased to announce the dates for the Medicine Woman Training 2020!!!

If you feel called to join this ancient tradition of wisdom taught with a contemporary yet traditional approach, please send an email with your intent and your answers to the necessary Question Sheet so that we may be able to get to know you better and put you on the consideration list.

Looking forward to welcoming your spirit into the circle, and helping connect you to your personal medicine.

1) May 6-10th: Wednesday to Sunday/ Harz, Germany

2/3) June 13th & July 2nd: Saturday & Thursday/ Hannover, Germany

4) September 16-20th: Wednesday to Sunday/ Harz, Germany

5) November 2020 to April 2021: 6 month Practical Application of Skills

6) April/May 2021: Review of Skills, Individual Consultation

7) May 2021: Medicine Woman Initiation Ceremony