Me and My Sister Katharina!

Me and Katharina,
Here is sisterhood. What do we have in common? Well, besides our growing sisterhood we both have mixed race children, share the magic of the circle and our ancestors have directly experienced Genocide. Katharina is half Armenian and I am half African American/Native American. Our other halves are the people who perpetrated genocide. Katharina’s other half is German and mine is English. So, here we have within two people the nationalities of both the oppressor and people that have been most grievously suppressed. How to reconcile this reality? How to live in this skin? How to know yourself and walk with confidence knowing that all somehow is in perfect order? When I was young I found it difficult to carry this quite obvious mixed race bloodline… but as I grew and become connected and accepting of my emotions, as I became more well educated and relaxed with how I choose to communicate with other people I was no longer insecure about my place in this world. I realized that all places on this earth are home and the mother claims me as I claim her! This was a major turning point in my life.

Last night on the Super Full Moon in Leo – Total Lunar Eclipse I sat with my sisters, Katharina included,  in Ceremony… two of the sisters present were of Armenian decent. As I spoke out that it was my intention to take the Armenian people with us on the healing journey… one sister looked around at me – her face registering disbelief… her hands came into prayer pose and with liquid pooling in her eyes mouthed the words… thank you! Later she told me that her father is Armenian and shared some of her family’s story. Powerful!

It is powerful! It is truly powerful to share life’s tragedies as well as triumphs. Actually, I would say it is more than necessary – it is life saving and life giving to be empowered through having witnesses who are there to feel with you in non-judgment and with love! The circle is coming home because it has this power and potential!

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