Journals of the Heart!

Sacred Ceremonies For Everyday/Ceremonial Journals

The objective is to share our insights and our selves in relation to ceremony and human solidarity.

Here are the questions that the women have answered and we encourage you to also answer them to support your personal and collective human experience.

Name: Aryani K.

Age: 49


Where you are from/ where you grew up:

Number of siblings that you have. (Sisters or brothers) :

What was one of your favorite activities as a kid? :

What age did you leave home? :

Where did you go and what did you do after you left home? :


Where do you live now?

What are you doing in your life at this moment?

Are you married or have a partner? How is it to be in or not in a partnership at this time?

Do you have children? How is it to be a parent or not to be a parent at this time?

What is your favorite thing to do?

What are you working on right now? Externally – Internally?

What is your biggest gift to give to the world at this moment?

What part of you still holds back or somehow lessens your power?

Why do you think/feel we humans are on the earth? How did we get here?


What do you think/feel the future holds for humanity and our Earth?

What are we moving towards and what are we moving away from?

What brings you the most happiness in your life?


My Name ist Aryani I will be 50 Years Old next year. I was born and grow up in Denpasar Bali. I have one Brother and two Sister who was born after me.

My Favorit things to do as a kid, is playing. but as a Bali child back then, The playing always connected with helping the family like collecting dry woods for cooking before playing hide and seek, feeding the animals and after ward collecting eatable green leaves, beside playing I also love reading. I can fly myself to another world with each new book. Through my Family i did lots of Shows. We were playing Gamelan Instrument, singing, dancing, doing theater Peaces. I remember sometimes we have 3- 4 Performances in one week. I spent lots of time around the stage. But also for the stage, like rehearshing, sewing the costume, collecting Flowers or branches for the show.

I left home right after high School to California, dancing and more theater learning, after that i went to Java studying dance and Coreographie, World Tour for one year in 12 different Countriesin Asia and Europe, going back to Java continou studying dance. End of age 24 i got an Invitation to do some Theater in Germany and The Netherland. Since then I stay in Germany. I accept a marriage proposal and a job as a dancer in one Theater East part of Germany.

Now I live in Hannover and I doing all kind of work.

From working in a Shop once a week, teaching dance, cooking, Energy Cleansing and also Conducting Rituals.

I`m married for the second time now since 16 years and feeling very lucky to be married with my best friend, my back holder and smile bringer.

I gave four Birth to four Children but i also have many other Children who calls me Mother and i do feel like their second Mother in Germany, since their birth Mother mostly very far away.

To be Parent nowdays is more like becoming your own Ideals. The Children will copy you like we did to our Parents, they will Inspire from us, learn also from our failure. To be Parents now, we should be Open Hearted, less worries, and look at the Kids like they are a human who happend to be born through your Body but they are not yours, they are their ownself.

My Favorite thing to do is creating things, like making my own medicine, creating an Events, new food creation, making Parties, coreographing a dance and Gardening.

I`m working on realising many of my Dreams and Konzept about life. I wish to live in a helping community, and i`m create for my self and Family a supporting community Circle.

Internally I contacting my deeper self through trust, meditation and many kind of practices.

My biggest Present to give to this Earth right now ist love and trust to myself and Inspiring others to do so. I believe wenn each of us one with ourselves we are going to stop fighting each other and do more fun things in this like, connecting to the Nature, to the Spirits and to each other. Beside that i give my Family and Community the the magic joy of life through dancing, singing and good cooking.

The part of hold back sometimes is the feeling that i need a permission to do things, or i´m just not yet doing things good enough.

I feel like that we coming to this Earth to have some Experiences, to learn things. We meet people who teach us something or be with a companion to enjoy things.

We got here because we chooses to and allow to be here. It is such a blessings to be a human being.

In the Future we will have less people and more peace.

We are moving toward change in many ways. The unsustainable life what we are having right now it`s not going to be able to do any longer.

We are going to use the resource wisely, community oriented soscial live, and healthier energy source like sun, wind, water.

We are going away from Intitutional Religion, Nation separation.

But before we got there just the opposite is happening.

The most happy time for me when we see each other deep as a Soul being. There no Words needed, nor excuses, reason. Just be!