Introducing the SFR Affiliate Program

What is the Sacred Female Rising Affiliate Program? 

It is a program that aspires to share and uplift the spiritual and psychological works of women. Why? There is a very real need in the world for the vibration that women carry when they begin to share from their intrinsic heart resonance and tap into the sacred feminine energy. As this type of work is often less common or unacknowledged in the status quo collective, Sacred Female Rising Institute aims to promote women who cherish these values and are actively working to raise the consciousness of this planet.

The SFR Affiliate Program is a network formed by a conscientious collective of women.  The planet is in desperate need of more cooperation, and community-based, purpose-driven movements. SFR hopes to provide a space for the co-creation of this new culture of trust, love and acceptance.

What is it good for?

What is good for you is usually good for the whole. By becoming part of  the Affiliate Program your own creations are supported by the entire foundation, and you tap into over 11 years of profound energetic works and teachings. Connecting to these traditions of knowledge empowers your own creations, and demonstrates the respect you have for the ancestral lineages that have assisted you along your journey.

By uniting individual energetic works into a larger resonant pool, we are able to cultivate greater positive changes and have a more widespread global impact. It sends the message that we are a collective force of creation working together through values such as sharing, cooperation and kindness, growing together in understanding and non-judgement.

What do I need to do?

Share your truth with the world. Incorporate the SFR logo into your website or online presence, so that others may see that you are a part of this growing web that we are weaving together. Contribute some hours each month to support SFR, in whatever way aligns with your own growth and development. Stay connected with your Affiliate Sisters and the provided networks.

How can my work and I grow through this?

Through the Affiliate program you not only gain access to the Sacred Female Rising platform so that you can share your voice and vision, but you also enter a Sacred Feminine vibration that is Rising.  Your individual works are showcased on the website and social media. In development are SFR workshops and ceremonies designed for the Affiliate Team.

Through this we hope that more women may develop skills of seeing the larger picture, and demonstrate to the world how it looks when a collective comes together to work in harmony for the higher good.

For all women, all life and our planet.

Sacred Female Rising willl begin recieving applications from January 2021 to become part of the affiliate program.  Please feel free to submit an application and you will be contacted to start creating a greater voice for the Sacred Feminine…TOGETHER!