International Women’s Day – Humanity Rising 8.3.2021


Join 8 women from different regions around the world to an embodied ceremonial experience exploring ‘Trust in Life’, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

We will journey from the deep Past into the embodied Present and from there connect with the Emerging Future.

What gifts do we receive from taking this journey that celebrates who we are as women, and for men, celebrates the women in your lives and in the world?

This event is part of Co-Creating Europe’s March 2021 tour of CCE Caravan of Unity Europe – Another Kind of Spring!    (March 8-22, 2021 )

Dear Ones,

It is such a big honor to have co-designed this amazing event with Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and Diana Claire Douglas! Anne-Marie is the directors of CCE (Co-Creating Europe) and The Hague Center and Diana Claire has been supporting the rise of spiritual women for over 50 years!

Co-Conveners: Amee Dharamshi, Aryani Willems, Fe Burkley and Undine Flora



Drs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is an Evolutionary Leader, founder of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC), core team member of WholeWorld-View and Unity Community, and initiator -vision holder of Caravan of Unity in Europe. Focussing on the emergence of heart-centered planetary governance, she Coalesces Authority, Power and Influence (CAPI-Adizes) and is part of core teams of conscious networks like Co-Creating Europe, Integral City Meshworks, the Club of Budapest. Ambassador of Loving Classroom-Loving World, active member and facilitator of SINE, which provides community leaders with networked resources to maximize impact. She is an experienced integral facilitator and practises the WholeWorld-View framework Think Cosmic, Feel Global, Act Local. Meshweaving and meshworking around the world, she loves to work intergenerationally, balancing the masculine and the feminine in co-creation, guided by the Universal Heart.



Diana Claire Douglas continues to say YES! to the call from the Knowing Field to participate in the emergence of the Collective Constellation branch of Systemic Constellation Work. She brings to her facilitation her love for Life as an artist, author, researcher and grandmother. Underlying all she does is her purpose: to attune to the Sacred, to participate in the movements for humanity to be in our rightful place in relationship with All-Life. She is a life-long learner, exploring in depth a range of subjects in several fields of inquiry, for example, Consciousness, Imagination, History and embodied practices. She has started several businesses, including a Counselling Clinic for Adult Survivors of Trauma; Peanut Butter Publishing, helping authors self-publish; and Knowing Field Designs, Systemic Facilitation services. She is a core team member of and lead Constellator for Integral City and The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. She is co-founder of The Hague Center for Field Inquiry (action research using a phenomenological approach). She has published books for children (How to Bring Angels to Earth and Angel Playtime) and adults (Always Becoming — Forever! A Journal of Conscious Living/ Conscious Dying, co-authored with Clare Buckland.) Her most recent book, Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field, is forthcoming in 2021.


MIRAMICHELLE JONES, UK/USA-English/☘ &African/Indigenous-America

MiraMichelle is the founder and director of the Sacred Female Rising Institute and author of the upcoming book, ‘Sacred-ize Your Life – The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Age’.  Mira’s love for humanity and planet Earth have bought her to a profound place of advocacy for female-kind. She feels that for humanity to truly establish peace it is necessary to restore and bolster the innate worth and core values of the Sacred feminine. ‘In its most basic form the Sacred Feminine is the life giving force of creation. Establishing a life balance between Feminine and Masculine values and perspectives holds a great power to reshape and heal our world.’ MiraMichelle is also the founder of the grass roots movement, The Cleanse Site Project. The Cleanse Site Project is an ongoing series of collective circle gathering ceremonies designed to release trauma from planet Earth and human bodies by enhancing a deeper connection with the natural world, our fellow human beings, ecological awareness and community consciousness. MiraMichelle works intensely with Ceremony as a way to awakening or



Amee lives in Bangalore, India. Academically, she qualified in the subjects  – Commerce, Law, Corporate Compliance, Arbitration, Mediation, and International Dispute Resolution. Through her workspace – Dialogue den, she promotes and advocates to apply collaborative methods of dispute resolution for conflict resolution within the family, at the workplace and in business affairs. Amee volunteers her time as the operations manager with the Young Mediators Initiative and MasterPeace Organisation. Any circles, dialogues, co-creation, on subjects conflict resolution, collaborative leadership, peace, sustainability, youth engagement, and gratitude – interests her as well as motivates her to contribute her time and energy to. and .


Fe Burkle, USA-African-American

Fe Burkley is an holistic practitioner with roots in yoga and energy healing. She is currently a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University and creator of Sacred Twerks.

Sacred Twerks is a community created to break the societal standard of our sensuality. Our intention is to create a new vision of sensual health and wellness with the mission to break feminine stereotypes through the art of movement, meditation, energetic exercise and community.


Undine Flora, Germany

“Undine Flora is a 23-year-old social work student, feminist, passionate vegan, and spiritual soul – striving to assist and empower people in their process of healing. Her curiosity leads her to exploring both academia and ancient shamanic traditions. With a big compassionate heart she passionately speaks up for the rights and well-being of the two and four legged creatures on this planet. What gets Undine up in the morning is her optimism and her thirst for learning something new. In her free time you might find her dancing with closed eyes to the sounds of street musicians in Berlin.”


Aryani Willems, Indonesia/Bali

Aryani is born in Bali to an Artist and Healer Family.

She learned to dance from an age of four, and became an Activist for women`s right in her teens. She now lives in Hannover, Germany practicing her Medicine through Art and Rituals.