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Mira Endorses: ‘Codes For A Healthy Earth’!

“We come together as one humanity, across national, cultural and ideological boundaries, to restore the well-being of all Life on Earth” Codes

This correspondence concerns our Earth and all living beings. It is a very special time for the Great Mother and humanity—we have reached a collective turning point and are being called to transform the way we interact with one another and the world. Thus, it is with profound respect and urgency that The Sacred Female Rising Institute and I call your attention to an incredibly special project.

Codes for a Healthy Earth is a global initiative that offers a whole-system healing framework. The recently released document, drafted by visionaries Shelley Ostroff and Yan Golding, has evolved into a collaborative project which links a network of global partners from over 30 countries. The Codes provides a clear, succinct and well-researched set of guiding principles that serve to empower a coordinated, citizen-led worldwide transformation with the intention of healing the world.

The women of The Sacred Female Rising Institute strongly resonate with the message of the Codes and want to share our blessings for their release into the world. Sacred Female Rising was also founded on a vision of healing our planet. Our institute is a conscious and conscientious collection of women, who are actively working to raise the vibration of this planet by connecting with one another, empowering each other to rise with love. It is a grassroots ‘we’ movement, a sacred community in which individuals come together in solidarity to work towards healing themselves and strengthening their connection to the natural world so that they may help to heal our Great Mother and cultivate peace.

We invite you all to visit so that you may connect with this global community of earth keepers and tap into this source of coded wisdom. The Codes are freely given to everyone, as abundant and free-flowing as the natural world. They offer the innovation and technology to join together, so that we may rise together as a collective.