Welcome to the SFR Institute

Female Spirituality, together with the force of nature, heart and wisdom have made this dream a reality!

What Dream?

The dream of an active and nourishing female solidarity is now being lived in our circles, ceremonies, gatherings and day to day lives. It is being lived with more consciousness than ever before in our recent history! What is an institute? Formally an institute is an organization with a particular purpose, especially one involved with science, education or a specific profession. So, what criteria does the SFR Institute offer?

She (SFR) offers education to women about their female history thereby informing and empowering female worth, vision and creation. What does this do for women? We feel that it emanates within them a certain ‘feeling’ vibration of self knowing, trust in their abilities and appreciation for self as female. Our further dream is to share or extend this vibration of reality into greater spheres of experience. For instance….with you!

What does the SFR Institute offer? What is its primary role and functions?

SFR offers women the Medicine Woman Training and other professional venues to directly experience themselves as spiritually worthy beings. This is achieved through the appreciation, resonance and education of the role that female spirituality plays in our lives, friendships and partnerships. As well as in our global and local communities and neighborhoods. Especially in our motherhood roles! Women are the caregivers to the next generation. What a worth to have the courage and intelligence to teach ones children how to meditate, to self introspect, to heal, to know, to listen actively and to feel worthy without needing things!

So, who is this emerging spiritual woman? We ask and seek to answer this question in our forum, blog pages, Medicine Woman Training, workshops and articles all while observing how history, culture and religion have shaped our developing ‘call to empowerment’.

For example; How have these roles informed and enlightened our paths?

*Herstory: How culture, myth and science tell our female stories. Did you know that the science of Paleomedicine has proven that women could only give birth once ever 4 years during the Paleolithic ear? What does this mean? (read HERstory)
*Shamanism: The ancient and first spirituality now reborn in  contemporary form – what does it teach and tell us about our female empowerment?
*Teaching: Women as the teachers of present and future knowledge.
*Midwifery: How midwives became the first healers and the political ramifications of their work.
*Healers, Medicine Women and Female Doctors: Evolution of women roles & empowerment.
*Yoga & Meditation: Woman as Yogini, an accepted spiritual role for women & where it is taking us.

IN these pages we hope that you will find yourself and your stories within the experiences of others and may they reflect the light of consciousness into your being. See you in the circles sisters!

SFR Institute Offers

Medicine Woman Training

We believe that a medicine woman exists inside of every woman! Each woman has her own distinct medicine and the realization of this we call self knowledge. What is this medicine we speak of? Listen and you may hear her speaking. Breath and you may hear her whispers. The knowledge and experience she carries has lived in the environment of our cells for generations. Welcome to the ancient present! Welcome to our…

MWT Blog

Are you interested to see some pictures of the MW Training from past years? Or would you like to get an insight about the history of medicine women from the past to now? How about reading some testimonials of participants of past trainings or learn more about special ceremonies tailored for our SFR Medicine Women Network? Then check out our…


SFR Workshops

A workshop is a Workshop… however, we term our workshops….Lifeworkshops …. why?… because in the two days of their existence in your life the richness they bring endeavors to give you a medicine that calls upon your true womanhood to unfold.


Expand my mind

Articles, stories, inquiries, questions… answered/unanswered, raving declarations and expressions, knowledge shared and championed, herstory – my story – your story, teachings that challenge convention, teachings that suck and somehow are still good, tips and suggestions to survive and to thrive in the land of Oz/Ours….


Cleanse Site Project

I mean really ….. we want a healed planet – right? Then perhaps we had better get to work on the past traumas we’ve left behind us!! Was it us…? maybe not directly but, were those our grandparents and great grandparents?… and ….you know the story…. our ancestors were all involved. What!? Sorry to be so provocative …. but that means we were too! How? Read on….