Welcome to the SFR Institute

Female Spirituality, together with the force of nature, heart and wisdom have made this dream a reality!

What Dream? The dream of an active and nourishing female solidarity is now being lived in our circles, ceremonies, gatherings and day to day lives all over our planet.  It is being lived with more consciousness than ever before in our recent history – let’s go further.

So, who is this emerging spiritual woman? We ask and seek to answer this question in our forum, blog pages, Medicine Woman Training, workshops and articles all while observing how history, culture and religion have shaped our developing ‘call to empowerment’.

See you in the circles sisters!




SFR Institute Offers

Medicine Woman Training

Each woman has her own distinct medicine and the realization is self and nature knowledge. The ancient Medicine Woman was a necessary and revered entity in our ancestral past. Who and what is she now?


 Earth Medicine Certificate

Through Sacred Female Rising training courses you may be awarded the ‘Earth Medicine Certificate’. This certificate energetically empowers the holder to engage in: Primal Grounding, Elemental Connection, Self-Safety/Space acknowledgement techniques and instruction on creating personal medicine circles for self-healing and reflection.

All certified women are qualified to join the SFR Network and may also apply to become part of the SFR Council.



Cleanse Site Project

This project aims to raise the energetic vibration of our Earth by cleansing traumatized land or city sites, with the hope of relieving suffering, healing humanity and raising the value of life for all species. Collective healing ceremonies are performed on chosen sites that have suffered from major traumas and human cruelty, such as wars/battles/witch persecutions etc. Together, we work to clear, cleanse and release the stagnant energies suppressed in these locations.


In Development: Cleanse Site Project Facilitator Training

The work of the Cleanse Site Project continues to expand with the vision of spreading the vibration of Unity consciousness. This Certified Facilitator Training will refine your sensitivites and help you learn how to listen to your  intuition so that you may energetically communicate with the Intelligence that resides at these sacred sites.  Includes ceremonial protocols and practical lessons on group facilitation.


In Development: Medicine Woman Training Online

A new initiative in the works; gathering some of the key insights and teachings from the Medicine Woman Training and offering them to women worldwide through an online and interactive training.