Individual Sessions for Higher Self Actualization

A work that Supports Higher Self Integration! 7 to 20.12.18

Dear Fellow Humans, a message concerning SOUL. Many of you know me as Mira. You know that I work as a contemporary medicine woman, shaman, life coach & ceremony facilitator.  As Shaman and traveler… In mid September 2018 there began a series of incredible energetic shifts of consciousness on our planet and I personally experienced some of the most insightful and exceptional astral travels as yet made manifest in my life. The guidance I received, while on these journeys, is to assist human beings to access a greater part of their ‘higher self’ resonance.

Therefore, I offer ‘Higher Light Actualization’ Sessions in December 2018. They will run between New Moon (Dec 7th) and Equinox Dec 21st.

Lately, there is a fifth element that I perceive humanity is suffering from and that is what I term – the ‘Ascension Blues’. The existential, energetic & biological need to ascend into a higher light vibration of truth, trust and LOVING accord in daily life.

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Dec 08. Location: Bad Gandersheim/Harz regionBitte Anmelden: MiraMichelle: // 0176 4056 3632//Cost = 100€ per hr. // Please Bring: Spirit Offering for your ancestors and deep wish/intention for your life.