Excerpt: Mira’s Upcoming Book:


The Ancient Art of Ceremony meets the Contemporary Science of the Quantum Age.

I perceive that women have an important role to play in these times. It is as though women have now arrived at a defining point in their history – their choices stand before and lay behind them. How have women come to this place in time? What has buoyed and given them strength and what has dragged them down and made them unable to accept the potential of their true natures? These journals, in part, endeavor to answer such questions of life.

It is my hope that this journal section will serve other women in their individual life process and give a real life touch and accessibility to the Ceremonial experience. Also, I have included this section to join the ripple effect of consciousness that is already in motion and feel very strongly that these ripples of oneness will help to shift a significant paradigm and bring a clear and more compassionate perspective across our globe. Just as the humanity consciousness of the Civil rights movement, the feminist movement, and the gay rights movement emerged in the last century to support the equality of all individuals regardless of the color of their skin, gender, and sexual orientation. I see that now is the time when yet another shift of consciousness is before us, and this change embodies the realization of how we recognize, use and balance our personal power.

At this time women are coming into a new understanding of their power, and they are willing and ready to share their individual and collective expressions with their communities. The female perspective is on the forefront of the peace movement and female leadership in business and life ethics is emerging as one of the fastest growing trends in our societies worldwide. When we look out into the world around us, we can easily formulate the reasons why!

So, what does this mean for the individual woman in her daily life? I see that it has much to do with our personal choices and the reasons why we are making them. They are changing quickly and drastically. The Dalai Lama, at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit, was quoted as saying, „The world will be saved by the Western woman.“ While I recognize the wisdom in this statement, I would like to take it one step further and say, „The world will be saved by embracing more feminine principals and thereby, creating a greater balance between the feminine and masculine energies within us all.“ Having said that, I do believe that the western woman is an important pathfinder for the currently expanding movement of consciousness.

The contribution of this body of work is in support of all women for their spiritual and psychological process of empowerment. Circle gatherings lay at the very foundation of female communication, as you will experience 2nd hand when you read the journal entries here. The ceremonial experience has been the domain of women since pre-history. “The ‘SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP’(during the Paleolithic era and beyond) or perhaps a better term would be the ‘CEREMONIAL RESPONSIBILITY’ for the THANKSGIVING to the Sacred Mother, this SACRED OFFICE of the women together with their COLLECTIVE Independence and their economic predominance, made women the backbone of their Matriclan.“(1)

The three life phases of women, Maiden – Mother and Crone, which are archetypal in nature, are also physiological, spiritual, emotional and mental incarnations of womanhood. These life phases that we live in daily are separated and united by a powerful physical substance. Our blood. Our blood is part of our power, and it is absolute in its creation.

This is specifically realized when we observe the ‘rite of passage’ rituals that have been practiced in varying cultures for thousands of year.

The young woman’s first menses ceremony is of extreme importance to our world. As one of the major first initiations for women, we can choose to enlighten this powerful time or to ignore its sacred purpose. Much of an individual’s success in life is built upon their relationship with ‘self.’ The first menstruation ritual not only empowers but it also directs the life force into a positive and clear direction.

The 2nd initiation of womanhood is birth. Before the incredible experience of birth, the pregnant mother is blessed in a circle ceremony along with her unborn child. The women gather to honor and support the next step of womanhood. The ceremony works to prepare the woman and baby for birth. It is an earth-based ritual using the four elements. There is also another ceremony for women that choose not to give birth or that cannot give birth.

The last blood ceremony gives rise to new power and the positive and timeless role of the wise woman or crone. This ceremony honors this sacred rite of passage and embodies the celebration of wisdom and knowing. The sacred circle ceremony of the post-menopausal women was once prevalent in our societies and is now reemerging as an important tool of empowerment.

In my experience, it is best when these rituals are enacted from and with a loving expression of gratitude, play, and creation.

Finally, it is my feeling that the restoration of these ceremonies in our present day societies is crucial to the healing of women’s split and wounded consciousness. This necessary healing coincides with our reconnection to nature, and this essential reconnection asks the important question, “what is and feels natural to you as a woman?” When we begin to connect again in these sacred ways, I believe that our individual and collective experiences will again be nourished and will flourish in a positive and empowering way.