Healing Women – Healing Waters: 6. 02.2020

The Healing Women – Healing Waters Ceremony

I have been invited to attend along with 11 other Global Shamans, Medicine Women, Indigenous Leaders, Spirit Workers, Religious Leaders etc… on a place of miracles somewhere in Israel… location to be announced soon. To create a Huge field of focused prayer and ceremony to Heal Women and Water! This is a Global Meditation/Ceremony/Event!

The Offer:
1. Join at 7.30pm CET with your group. Hold or be by water. Connect to our group. Take pictures or video(2mins tops) and post on your F.B. and tag Sacred Female Rising page and we will re-post this on SFR and on 7 Days of Rest!
2. Join via prayer and meditation at this time and do the same with yourself or one or two others… take a glass of water in your hands.
The Nut/Intention/Focus of this work is to see/feel all Women and all Water as already healed/healthy/pristine & pure! https://www.facebook.com/events/207086020340597/