Full Moon & Equinox Ceremony 26.9.18

Light & Dark        Soul & Body   Yin & Yang   Mind & Spirit

Feminine & Masculine  Emotions & Thoughts

Non-material & Material     Ether & Manifestion

Our Brothers are welcome & are needed for this work! Ceremony focuses on individual & collective Vision – Materialisation/Manifestion: being in balance and flowing together!

w/ MiraMichelle & Lena Warneboldt

Clarity is the keyword for the full moon in September spiritually. For if we can keep a balance between our emotions and our thoughts. A smooth transition is experienced over the full moon. Giving blessing to the spiritual side of oneself. Through challenges, we find spiritual growth if we have the correct attitude toward growing and change.

September 26. Location: Röselerstraße 1A, 30159 Hannover. Time: 7.30-10pm(19.30-22.00Uhr) Bitte Anmelden: MiraMichelle: miramich@gmx.de // 0176 4056 3632//Cost = 25€// Please Bring: Cushion to sit. An item that represent balance to you. Tea & cakes provided. Englisch mit Deutscher Übersetzung