Gosia’s Feedback on the MWT

The basic experience for me was and still is the connection between many women, who are committed in this work – the experience of sisterhood. To me that fells like a new (for me personally) and in the same time an old connection all over the world! This is really wonderful and gives/reminds/re-news hope und confidence every day

For me it means very much to know, that the vision I am carrying inside has been reality thousands years ago – in the female culture. And to know, that this vision is inside of so many sisters…

To remind on my/our ancestors is another great thing. I built some altars in our house and our little garden for my ancestors. They are much more present to me now

To deal with my daughters menstruation (and their issues in generally) feels much more connected to an old wisdom!!!! I feel much more “settled”, self-assure, safe as a mother for those children. To me it feels like, not being alone any more with all that issues! (and: we really have less conflicts at home since I told you about my daughter)

During the forest-ceremony, which some of the sisters and me did together, I felt a huge connection to the rain-forests, especially to the Amazonas rainforest. Those connection feels still strong to me and it is a big gift for me to feel that, to know about that. During the MWT those ceremony for me was one of the experiences, I felt very deeply connected to and also did the forest-sit – I felt, that being in the stillness and the darkness is familiar to me, is like an core element of myself

The plant-ceremony and the gift is also important – I chose the “Waldmeister”, which is growing in front of our house now