Katharina P.’s Feedback on the MWT

Reconnection with Mother Earth and Sisterhood. Loosing Fears for invisible Guides, Deity’s and Star-Ppl.Realizing what consciousness truly feels like (coming home and missing a quality of depth and energy, which I thought is already in my life?!) Realizing that I do unconscious astral-travel which costs a lot of energy I’m missing! Welcoming a whole new state of mind, thru conscious Gratitude. For: moments, persons, invisible blessings, confrontations, being alive, feeling guided and above all: the mystery – which you brought us near – the great mother! <3 And last but not least: Feeling home with my soul-lines (tribes), animal-guides, spirit-guides – as I had a glimpse already but now it’s outspoken and clear. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Katharina P.