Victoria W.’s Feedback on the MWT

What was your basic experience in this course?

I feel blessed with immense gratitude, respect and honor through and from what this training permitted me to experience on various levels of which I feel in part I am not even aware of yet… due to the dedication, love, passion, commitment and professionalism with which Mira conducted this.  Thank you also to Gisela for her beautifully touching, knowing, loving respectful support of and assistance to Mira.
The connection which grew and is growing between the women of this circle and those from 2013 who where present: am still amazed what happened to me in that I not only opened up, began to feel more comfortable but actually like being pretty close physically to some of the sisters! That is some miracle for my person indeed and it feels so lovely, thank you to all of those present! 
The power of the circle in itself due to the level of energy, which Mira with her Spirit Guides created, well, that was and is an amazingly enriching treasure.
What a GIFT of such magnitude this Medicine Woman Training is!

Victoria W.