Nina A.’s Feedback

The first three days from the MWT was absolutley diffcult to me and i was nervous and strained, it was all so new for me and all the emotions from the sister, but it was so good for me to hear, to see, to feel it/them and i began to realize that I have the same emotions in different ways but I have them all too. And I have learned that this emotions are allowed and good to release something.
Sometimes it was a big challenge for me and i needed my courage but after the experiences or work i felt always the prozess inside me and the beginning of a new way in my life and for that i am still deeply gratefull and have no words for that feeling! Since i met you my life is changing in a positive way! Two month before I met you at the first time, i thought its ok when i die, because i had no more energy for my life. But now its ok if my negative pattern die but not my physically body, because I have the POWER and ENERGY!