Valeska J.’s Feedback on the MWT

What was your basic experience in this course?

Mira, this is really hard to put in words … lots of fun, bliss, intoxication and empowerment. loving spirit time and the higher frequencies, in those energies I start feeling comfortable. The power of a circle of women!!! Being only with women for a longer period. I really enjoyed that and how harmonious it was. The divine mother and her love, so touching, what a blessing. The channeling. Basically it really helped me to open doors and get the spiritworld into the physical realm. Experiencing the ceremonial work. (the summer solstice has been a great milestone for me) All this is very new to me and not new at the same time. I now do an invocation every morning before I meditate. I never did that before. I do it loud and sometimes it takes 20 min. and I feel so much respons in my body. I feel an answer from all the frequencies I call in. often I cry, it is so touching, because I was missing this so deeply. I simply forgot. I felt so alone all my life, cought in this physical plane and body. No one there to remind me. My mindset has changed. Before it was more like I meditate to leave the body and enter the spiritual realms, now it is more like I leave the body to enter the spiritual realms and at the same time it enters my body. It pulls me into the earth and into the sky at the same time. Or something comes in like a download and at the same time my body dissolves. I am sure you know what I mean. It’s like a paradox. But everything is there at the same time. Probably this is simply being more grounded. This year really brought me deeper into the core of my being. As I said before, it’s like coming home …

Valeska J.